Discover the greatest scuba diving courses and paddlesports training!

BORK Kayak and Outdoor Centre is specialized in scuba diving and paddlesports education. There are many courses you can choose from. You will progress in your favourite discipline and can even learn a new one! You will definitely improve your skills within a rigorous framework taught be certified instructors. Taking scuba diving courses and paddlesports training will give you certification as well as confidence and knowledge to be able to practice your favourite discipline in total security and with greater efficiency.
We are a PADI certified diving centre at BORK Haliotis Oeiras and also certify surf ski courses from the American Canoe Association.
Take the next level in kayaking, surf ski, stand up paddle and scuba diving! We lead you from your first experience to advanced training.
You can take courses anytime since we are open all year round. Introduction levels are open to everyone and have a very flexible schedule. Advanced courses require previous booking and confirmation. Contact us to choose scuba diving courses and paddlesports training that fit your needs!

Learn scuba diving

There is an underwater world waiting for you. We are a PADI certified diving centre and also member of the Haliotis group, biggest scuba diving organization in Portugal. You can take any PADI certification from the first level (Open Water Diver) to the professional Instructor level.

Learn kayaking

From basic paddling skills to advanced sea kayaking education, you can follow several modules depending on your level and what skills you want to improve.
Please contact us for more information.

Learn surf ski

Surf ski is very popular because it is accessible to a large number of people and a great fun too. Ready to take the Essentials of Surf Ski Course certified by the American Canoe Association? Please contact us!
Boats have changed a lot during the last years. We are glad to offer several models from beginners to advanced competitors. Our fleet is made of:

    • SS1 510, Polyethylene, beginner and intermediate
    • SS1 Viper 65, Fiber, intermediate
    • SS1 520, Fiber, intermediate
    • SS1 Ocean Ski, Fiber, advanced
    • SS1 560, Fiber, advanced
    • SS2 Viper, intermediate


        • SS1 Pinguim, beginner
        • SS2 Pinguim, beginner
        • SS1 Ackua Fun, intermediate

Learn stand up paddle

You will learn the Essentials of Stand up Paddle regarding safety and rescue, launching and landing, standing and balance, maneuvers, strokes and bracing. A complete course takes about 5 sessions of 2 hours each.


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