Stand up paddleboard

Lifejackets (PFDs)

Glide PFD Waistbelt

Glide Inflat Waistbelt
This waist belt PFD conceals a 100 N floatation bladder which can be instantly inflated when you need it‚ at the pull of a cord. Perfect for stand up paddle boarding‚ the Glide has a handy phone sized pocket and D-ring clip points. Sitting comfortably out of the way when not in use‚ the Glide fastens securely over your head after inflation.
 Inflatable SUP board from G’Power. Perfect for rivers, shoreline sea trips and lakes.
 Inflatable SUP board from G’Power. Perfect for rivers, shoreline sea trips and lakes.
Stand up paddleboard

FOCUS SUP Smoothie Wood 10'4'' Hawaii

Focus SUP Hawaii
10'4" x 32" x 4 3/4" 180L A proven board for all around paddling, great for beginners to intermediates who want to paddle and surf. The Smoothie SUPs' key features allow it to perform best in both worlds. For the beginner paddler it offers a 32” wide deck for added stability and unique rail curve for easy paddling. The intermediate paddler will find a...
Advanced mould design with flex diamonds. Provides controlled flex and strong transition from mould to urethane. The larger the wave, the more stretch which keeps your board at a safe distance away. Premium grade quality urethane developed by the world's leading manufacturer. Marine grade, stainless anti-corrosive free-spin swivels for tangle-free...
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