BORK You selected the skateboards you love from Globe and Kahuna Creations in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Here you can find and all styles of skateboards, longboards, cruiserboards, land paddles and more.

Land Paddles

Shooter 2022

10525336 Shooter 2022 Yelllow/ComeHell 8.625
The Globe Skateboard Big Blazer in colour Coconut/Mandarin comes in size 32" x 9.125" x 17.75"wb. Medium length diamond tail cruiser with built-in bottle opener and soft conical wheels. It is a Mellow concave with kicktail made of Coconut and Resin-7 hard rock maple. It features 6.0" Tensor alloy trucks and 62mm 78a wheels. Clear broadcast grip. Built-in...

GLOBE Zuma Onshore/ Flat Skate

10525397 Zuma Onshore/ Flat Skate
The Zuma in colour Onshore/Flat comes in size 31.5" x 9.7" x 18.75"wb. Wider wheelbase board for bigger guys with Revenge surf/skate trucks for a fun surf-like carving experience. It is a Mellow concave with kicktail made of Bamboo. It features 175mm Revenge Alpha II trucks and 70mm 83a Onshore wheels. Black grip + clear broadcast.

GLOBE Pintail 34 Falcon

10525289 Pintail 34 Falcon
The Globe Pintail 34 in Falcon colorway is a mid-length pin tail great for carving made of rosewood and Resin-7 hard rock maple. It is a flat concave and features 180mm Slant reverse kingpin trucks and 70mm 78a wheels. Also, it has a clear broadcast grip. It is available in size 34"" x 8"" x 22.5""WB." 

Prowler Classic - 38"

The Prowler Classic in colour Bamboo/Blue Mountains is our classic cut away longboard with flush mounted drop-through trucks. It comes in size 38  X 10  X 29 wb featuring Bamboo Construction and Mellow side-to-side concave. It has 180mm Slant aluminum reverse kingpin trucks and 70mm 78a Conical Cruiser Wheels.

Costa skateboard Globe

Developed and designed to offer an enhanced surf-like experience, The Onshore series features Revenge trucks allowing for a greater range of motion while maintaining enough stability to push like a normal cruiser.
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