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Find a dry suit that lets you dive all year-round, anywhere on the globe, in total comfort and safety.

Dry Suits


The Evertech Dry Breathable is a premium trilaminate drysuit designed for avid divers and loaded with features. Built with a breathable fabric nylon/PU/nylon trilaminate blend, stitched and double waterproof taped seams, a diagonal front waterproof zipper, a Si-Tech ring system for wrist and neck seals and Si-Tech valves, this fabric suit is top quality...
Dry Suits


Targeted to advanced divers looking for a quality mid-range fabric drysuit, the Definition Dry HD is a serious drysuit that’s built to last. It is made with a heavy-duty poly/butyl/poly trilaminate blend plus a stitch-glue-double waterproof taped seam assembly that’s able to withstand the rigors of diving. The Definition Dry’s trilaminate fabric blend has...
Dry Suits


This premium-plus compressed neoprene drysuit offers the streamlined fit, comfort and flexibility of a wetsuit with the thermal properties and water-tightness of a drysuit. But this version comes with upgraded shoulder and knee panels, a plush interior, smoother wrist seals, blue suspenders, and much more. The dense 4mm neoprene resists compression at...
Dry Suits


The Exodry 4.0 offers a unique approach to drysuit design by fusing 4mm high-density neoprene with latex wrist and neck seals. This hybrid design is extremely effective, delivering minimal inherent buoyancy, maximum range of motion and an excellent sealing system. The Exodry 4.0 comes with shoulder and knee panels, a plush interior lining, suspenders and...
K2 Underwear - Extreme K2 Underwear - Extreme 2
Dry Suits

K2 Underwear - Extreme

The undergarments of choice for drysuit diving, the K2 line keeps you warm while diving dry. Sporting a modern eye-catching design, these undergarments are available in three levels of thickness to suit a variety of thermal warmth requirements. They are compatible with trilaminate drysuits.  By order, please contact us!
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