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Phone Kit Zulupack

WA 1843/1B
This phone kit includes all the accessories to protect your phone in many situations : - Universal spider hold the phone, almost any phone ( diagonal < 14 cm, 5.5’), shockproof its corners, protect it well if dropped accidentally - RCT buckle system ensure the phone detachable when hooked on your arm, your bike, scooter, any support - Waterproof...
Water containers and Hydration systems

Hydration Bag 2.5L

Hydration Pack bag 2.5L. For backpacks, modular bags, vests.

Phone Pocket

WA 20456/40
This phone pocket contains 3 accesories to match perfectly with your body and your activity. The velcro strap allows to wear the phone pouch around the upper arm for running and forearm or calf for swimming Below 1 meter, the screen control of the phone is affected by the outside waterpressure Recommendation : do not exceed 3 meters with a normal phone.
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