Choose your divewear so that you are the most confortable underwater: UPF Collection, Wet Suits, Dry Suits, Boots, Hoods and Gloves.

Wet Suits


The best of both worlds: Semi-dry concept from SCUBAPRO brings you many of the advantages of wetsuits and drysuits in a sleek and comfortable package.Nova Scotia suits are made of 6.5 mm Everflex neoprene making it extremely comfortable and easy to put on. A low profile suit with good seal and cold protection, eliminates the need for bulky undergarments....
Dry Suits


The Evertech Dry Breathable is a premium trilaminate drysuit designed for avid divers and loaded with features. Built with a breathable fabric nylon/PU/nylon trilaminate blend, stitched and double waterproof taped seams, a diagonal front waterproof zipper, a Si-Tech ring system for wrist and neck seals and Si-Tech valves, this fabric suit is top quality...
Everflex YULEX® Dive steamers are of course designed with SCUBAPRO’s exclusive Pure Design Concept, with just enough multi-thickness panels to guarantee maximum stretch and comfort. They fit comfortably snug and deliver unparalleled freedom of movement. They also provide superb resistance to water compression to keep divers warmer, deeper, for longer. The...
Dry Suits


Targeted to advanced divers looking for a quality mid-range fabric drysuit, the Definition Dry HD is a serious drysuit that’s built to last. It is made with a heavy-duty poly/butyl/poly trilaminate blend plus a stitch-glue-double waterproof taped seam assembly that’s able to withstand the rigors of diving. The Definition Dry’s trilaminate fabric blend has...
Boots & Hoods


The Everflex Arch Boot just might be the most comfortable dive boot you’ve ever slipped your foot into. Featuring an innovative arch design that closely matches the foot’s natural anatomy, the boot’s foot pocket is cut wide, creating a cramp-free fit, even for wide-shaped feet. While the boot offers 5mm of thermal protection throughout most of the boot,...
T-FLEX leggings are made of super-soft nylon and high-stretch spandex for maximum comfort and stretch. Ultra-comfortable, they form-fit to the body and provide unbeatable UV protection. They hold a UPF 80 rating awarded by UV Standard 801, the only UV certifying standard that tests fabric in real conditions of use.By order, please contact us!
Wet Suits

DEFINITION 7mm HD & Front Zip

Filling the niche between traditional steamers and semi-dry suits, the Definition 7mm hooded steamer is a thoroughly modern cold water dive suit loaded with features. The design, while influenced by the popular Definition 6.5mm steamer, uses a thicker, higher stretch neoprene for more thermal insulation and increased range of motion. An attached hood...
Dry Suits


This premium-plus compressed neoprene drysuit offers the streamlined fit, comfort and flexibility of a wetsuit with the thermal properties and water-tightness of a drysuit. But this version comes with upgraded shoulder and knee panels, a plush interior, smoother wrist seals, blue suspenders, and much more. The dense 4mm neoprene resists compression at...
Boots & Hoods

DELTA 6.5mm

The classic Delta boot has been redesigned with impressive arch support, a wider foot pocket plus a sole incorporating a special heel, designed to prevent slipping on boat ladders. The built-in arch provides extra support and comfort, and the full-cut foot pocket delivers a cramp-free fit, even for wide-shaped feet. Inside, our quick-drying Diamond Span...
Base layer

Hybrid Cargo Shorts

Comfortable and stretchy, HYBRID CARGO SHORTS 1mm form-fit to your body. On the underside of the nylon panels a micro-plush interior makes the shorts warm and cozy. This fleece fabric absorbs less water, which keeps heat against the body, increasing overall warmth. It also dries quickly. Designed to be worn by themselves or over a dive suit, these shorts...
Wet Suits


The Definition 7mm steamer replaces the former 6.5mm version of this popular cold-water wetsuit while providing even more stretch, warmth, comfort and features. Special tailoring and strategically placed panels in the chest area, sides, arms and legs, and behind the knees, create a suit that fits like a glove and provides extra stretch where’s it’s needed...
Dry Suits


The Exodry 4.0 offers a unique approach to drysuit design by fusing 4mm high-density neoprene with latex wrist and neck seals. This hybrid design is extremely effective, delivering minimal inherent buoyancy, maximum range of motion and an excellent sealing system. The Exodry 4.0 comes with shoulder and knee panels, a plush interior lining, suspenders and...
Boots & Hoods

No Zip Boot

6.5mm easy-don boots with a Velcro closure. The reinforced toe and heel caps extend boot life. The top of the foot is protected against abrasion from the edge of the fin pocket. Anti-slip sole prevents slipping on wet shoreline rocks or boat decks. By order, please contact us!
For divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, swimmers and other water enthusiasts. Scubapro Rash Guards UPF 80 rating is awarded by UV Standard 801, the only UV certifying standard that tests fabric in real conditions of use wet and stressed. Form-fitting for that sleek hydrodynamic look and feel. Nylon/spandex blend makes it lightweight, stretch, easy to...
Wet Suits


The Definition 5mm steamer offers more stretch, more comfort and more features. Special tailoring and strategically placed panels in the chest area, sides arms and legs and behind the knees create a suit that fits like a glove and provides extra stretch where’s it’s needed most. Bigger abrasion-resistant shoulder knee and elbow pads provide maximum...
K2 Underwear - Extreme K2 Underwear - Extreme 2
Dry Suits

K2 Underwear - Extreme

The undergarments of choice for drysuit diving, the K2 line keeps you warm while diving dry. Sporting a modern eye-catching design, these undergarments are available in three levels of thickness to suit a variety of thermal warmth requirements. They are compatible with trilaminate drysuits.  By order, please contact us!
Boots & Hoods

Delta Boot 5.0

The Delta Boot 5 is sturdy with a flexible outsole and rubberised armor, yet still feels very light on the foot. The boot maintains its sturdy but flexible outsole and rubberised armor, yet still feels very light on the foot. A revised ankle diameter and contoured top improve fit and make sliding the YKK zipper up and down even easier. A full cut creates...
Wet Suits


The Sport 5mm (Generation 2) offers must-have thermal insulation for first-time suit buyers or occasional divers. Sport is easy to don and doff, fits like a second skin and looks good in the process. Made from super-soft neoprene, the suit is assembled using solvent-free Aqua glue – a 100% green process. A triathlon cut increases the range of motion in...
Boots & Hoods


Designed to be worn with GO travel fins, the 3mm GO sock features a thin sole to provide some cushion and stability, and a low-cut upper for comfort and easy donning and doffing. This sock is ideal for wearing on tropical beaches and in training pools. By order, please contact us!
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