Spray Skirts

Stay dry with the appropriated spray skirt.

Spray Skirts

PEAKUK Whitewater Deck

The Whitewater Deck is our toughest spraydeck and will not let you down. Constructed from bombproof 5mm neoprene with latex reinforcing, the Whitewater Deck has seen off some of the toughest rivers on the planet from some of the best kayakers around.
Spray Skirts

PEAKUK Explorer

The Explorer is a super reliable spraydeck designed especially for sea kayaking and touring. Tough neoprene and latex construction with adjustable map holding shock cord on top. Will not let you down.
Spray Skirts

PEAKUK Standard Deck

The Standard Deck is a tight, secure and tough spray deck that is also easy to fit and remove. Used by many elite canoe slalom athletes and also great for beginner to intermediate whitewater kayakers.
Spray Skirts

PEAKUK Kidz Deck

Brand new for 2019 our Kidz Deck is the ideal neoprene spraydeck for young paddlers. Easy to get on and off and super secure.
Spray Skirts


The Nylon Deck is the perfect spraydeck for beginner kayakers, schools, groups and centres. Tough, dry, easy to fit and easy to remove.
Spray Skirts

PEAKUK Cockpit Cover

The neoprene Cockpit Cover is perfect for keeping water and bugs out of your boat. Also great for keeping fuel costs down!
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